GSBS is a company founded in the 21st century with the parameters and commitments demanded in this new era. Our biotechnological project is a firm commitment to sustainable growth but, above all, a demonstration that progress is possible respecting our natural environment and even contributing to improve it.

Creating a great product begins from a simple idea

We are dedicated to the production of biomass and a variety of high value added products for local markets. GSBS bring together various renewable energies and other technologies that can create one cultivation plant/sustainable village.
We recycle one of the most contaminating and harmful elements produced by our modern industrial society -CO2– transforming it, using micro algae and by means of photosynthesis into a new form of clean energy. Although the results are encouraging, there is still a long way to go in terms of productivity and, therefore, business profitability. Thanks to our research and the development of our patented technology, we have discovered that the appropriate combination of micro algae, light and CO2 can provide much more than a new form of clean energy; that CO2 and micro-algae are keys to the future.

We have developed knowledge and biotechnology that is capable of producing a wide range of natural products resulting from our process, which are much more interesting and profitable, in business terms, than bio-fuel itself.
GSBS believes in the future of these Algae Cultivation Plants and in the endless possibilities they offer. In addition to being more than just biomass and nutrient producers, they can also be a source of clean energy such as electricity, and other essentials goods such as drinking water.


Producing a High quality product is one objective, but the other is to actually get it to market…

GSBS´strategy to commercialize the products is cocentrated within the fields of:


  • Food/feed for Animals.

  • Nutraceutical (dietary supplements/beverages etc.).

  • Pharmaceucical/Cosmetic.

  • Bio-based Chemicals.

The System

The system is based on a closed, continuous production process that incorporates a biological cycle within a well balanced technological process. With this technology an Autonomous Village can be created that is capable of addressing modern day issues such as Energy Scarcity, Water Supply, Pollution, Nutrition and Unemployment. This achievement will be the “first” of its kind in the world.


Our technology can help create an autonomous village taking into consideration the potential effect on the environment, society and our economy. Our actions will have a positive influence on the future.

Our villages can be applied to urban and rural areas as well as to developing and developed countries with the endless possibilities that they offer, which will address some critical problems of our planet today.


What we sell…

GSBS sell Algae Cultivation Plants of no less than 3 hectares to start, which are able to produce BioOil, BioProducts and Nutritional Products such as Omegas. Due to other renewable energies we can produce the following products as well:

  • BioProducts – Pigments, Chlorophylls, Vitamins etc
  • BioOmegas – EPA, 3-6 and 9
  • Animal Feed
  • CO2 – Credits and/or Prepared Liquified CO2
  • BioPlastics or TAR
  • Fertilizers
  • Potable Water or for Agriculture
  • BioOil

Who we sell to…

Our products are sold directly to refineries and/or laboratories. The oil is put through further refining to obtain the products listed above. The markets open to these products are:

  • Energy
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Animal Feed
  • Agriculture
  • Electrical Grids and many more

GSBS plants are either installed with the assistance of investors, communities or sold to organizations who require such a plant. GSBS can maintain control of the cultivation at all times using the combination of its technology and biology.


Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.

University of Alicante

The University of Alicante in collaboration with GSBS, is studying the application of Biomass in the field of agriculture.


GSBS collaborates with ASPANION (Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) Valencia, Spain. The association was legalized on 26th August,1985 by the Ministry of the Interior with registration number 60261. On 15th April, 1999 it was declared a public utility. Its principle objective is to contribute to both the patients medical, existential and psychological state, working together with the parents to ensure the best emotional, affective and educational development suited for the Childs special circumstances, to achieve the highest levels of Quality of Life, as the disease modifies itself, for the children and adults involved.


The INB Group is a partner of Green Sea Bio System. INB are a 100% affiliate of EucoCorp, in the Netherlands.

Novadesta S.L is a professional company. We specialize in Sales, Rentals, Management and Services of Properties on the Spanish Costa Blanca.


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